Visegrad cooperation project "Sport for all children"

The Czech Korfball Association in the cooperation with korfball associations of the Visegrad4 countries and with the support of the International Visegrad Fund, organizes the an international course “Sport for all children”. The main goal of this course is providing the newest and most effective methods for education and training of korfball at schools and sport clubs. The course is intended for teachers and trainers who already have some knowledge about korfball and they are interested in its further development at their schools or clubs.


Date: 15th – 18th June 2017

Arrival of participants on Thursday the 15th June before 19:30.

Conclusion of the course on Sunday the 18th June at 15:00.


Place: Brno, The Czech Republic

Hotel Prometheus, Hudcova 78, 612 00 Brno

Sports centrum of the Mendel University, Jana Babáka 5, 616 00 Brno


Accomodation: Hotel Prometheus, Hudcova 78, 612 00 Brno

3 nights in twin and double rooms.

Board in the hotel – 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Main Lecturer: Dolf Nijbroek

School korfball employee of the Royal Dutch Korfball Association KNKV.

The course will be provided in the English language, therefore English knowledge is recommended.


Level of the course: IKF level 2 – Formation course

Successful participants of the course will receive certificate of the International Korfball Federation IKF level 2 (2nd level out of 4). We assume that every participant has a basic knowledge of korfball rules and principles and therefore he/she doesn’t need to possess the IKF certificate level 1, which basically is an introduction of korfball as a completely new sport.



Thursday 15th June evening – introduction to the course and theoretical lecture (hotel classroom)

Friday 16th June – blocks of trainings 9:00-12:00 a 14:30-18:30 practical demonstrations and trainings, theoretical lectures (Sports centrum of the Mendel University)

Saturday 17th June – blocks of trainings 9:00-12:00 a 14:30-18:30 practical demonstrations and trainings, theoretical lectures (Sports centrum of the Mendel University)

Sunday 18th June – 9:00-12:00 practical part in the sportshall (University), 13:00-15:00 final theoretical part and conclusion of the course (hotel classroom).


Participation fee: according to the national association

All expenses regarding the transport cost, accommodation, board and venue rental shall be covered from the project grant by the International Visegrad Fund and from contributions of the national korfball associations involved. Your national association may ask for some participation fee.


Deadline of applications: 26th April 2017

Send your application form by an e-mail to your national coordinator and in a Cc to the main coordinator Peter Bušík:

Coordinators for each country:

Number of participants for each country is limited.


Contact person: Peter Bušík, coordinator of Visegrad project and cooperation


phone: +420 732 177 519



Description of the Visegrad korfball cooperation project "Sport for all children" as approved by the International Visegrad Fund in February 2017.

The event plan

  1. Only 1 event: A course starting on Thursday evening, finishing on Sunday afternoon. (Or Friday evening – Monday afternoon.) Totally 3 nights, probably 1 vacation day off needed. (Or setting the date during some national holidays.) Exact date to be negotiated (May-June). The main subject would be regarding youth and school korfball.
  2. Course dedicated for starting trainers or teachers. People who don’t know much about korfball or they have only basic knowledge. The main idea is to get new people involved in the korfball who could start activities in new places or take over activities in already established clubs. 8 participants of the course per country, totally 32 participants. Up to 4 lecturers, at least 1 from Holland. (Who will enter from each country is up to the countries, if they find some new beginners or teachers, or they will come with already working trainers is your choice.)
  3. Topics of the course:
  • korfball in general, its advantages (explanation regarding the number of beginners).
  • Korfball8 and Korfball4, main characteristics, rules and differences, when to play which variation.
  • How to start with korfball: presentation of School korfball, teachers, directors, specialization on region, necessary material, propagation, execution of a sample lesson – practice.
  • Playing systems of short and long-term competitions, ideal playing time.
  • Basic teaching of technique for starting children.
  • Model training for a longer period of time.
  • Basic tactics.
  • Role of a trainer and role of trainer as a referee.
  • Transformation of school korfball into a club. The idea is that everybody knows korfball in general from how they play or used to play it. However, not everybody can clearly answer these topics with focus on a training to be the most entertaining and effective for children. Those basics for educating korfball are barely known.

4. Theoretical and practical part of the course. Practical part in a sportshall, therefore 8 participants per country. (Everyone should be able to try some exercises by themselves.)

5. This first course should take place in the Czech Republic. Request from the Czech chairman as the initiative came from there, they would like to have the first event organized at home. Exact place to be determined, most probably in Moravian region which is closer to all countries (Brno, Ostrava,...).

6. Evaluation process of the 1st project. Decision what to try next, but surely a bigger project. For example “children championships of the Visegrad region”.